Remy Rodden - Community Lunch June 15 2022


Acclaimed Canadian environmental musician and educator Remy Rodden visited the Link in Sutton on June 15 and performed a lunchtime concert for a crowd of regulars along with more than 30 students from Sutton Public School. It was a lively and engaging show that captured the attention and interest of the audience – judging by the participation of the students in the songs calling for shout outs (“Garbage!”) or actions and also by the many older Georgina residents who went up to Remy afterwards and expressed their appreciation.

One of the focuses of the Georgina Community Action Table (Georgina CAT) is Mental Wellness and our First Nations brother and sisters teach us that treating our Mother Earth with respect and reverence is key to that. Remy’s music has that same message and one of the songs he sang “Three Simple Rules” was about the wisdom passed on to him by a First Nation Elder: “Respect all life / Take only what you need / (and for heaven’s sake) Use all that you take.”  Another highlight of Remy’s performance was his playing of “What’s That, Habitat?” which got the crowd very animated shouting and gesturing. This song is part of United Nations music compilation to celebrate the Earth Charter, and the title track is part of the Playlist for the Planet.

Remy has three CDs currently out – Think About the Planet (1997), In The Hills (2011), Think About the Wild (2020) and he is working on a CD with songs about the North he hopes to release and perhaps tour within the next year or two. If you are interested in learning more about Remy you can visit his website        and you can find his songs on Spotify.


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