Quick Action Grants Outcome Round 2

Quick Action Grants provide residence and agencies with the resources to implement their ideas to address two critical issues in our community – Mental Well-Being and Employment/Income Generation. A big thank you to all the organizations, volunteers, residence, and local businesses that took part in the successful round two of the Quick Action Grants.


The Butterflyway Project:


The butterflies were fluttering with this amazing event. This series of events focused on the importance of planting pollinator gardens with native plants. On opening day, a canoe planter was set up at The Link community garden in Sutton that will be a lasting planter for years to come. Participants had the opportunity to assist in planting and setting up garden beds for the community to enjoy. There were over 300 participants who attended these events and over 300 pollinator plants were handed out to participants and planted. Many residents recognized the value of time in nature for their mental well-being and were curious and excited to learn more about helping the environment.  A big thank you to all the supporters and organizers for this incredible event.



Art Connects:


An artistic twist on the traditional art classes, this event was all about getting messy, having fun, and creating art with food! This event was led by an art historian who presented a slide show featuring exquisite paintings of flowers throughout the ages for inspiration. After the presentation, participants were given simple images of sample food flowers to help inspire them to create their own edible art. Participants selected from colourful fruits and veggies to create their own edible flower. Once participants were finished creating their exquisite art pieces, they ate them! This event attracted 36 participants to attend in which all had fun and felt socially connected. Thank you to the organizers, volunteers, and sponsors for hosting this fun and amazing event!


Pefferlaw Bike Parade:


The Pefferlaw Bike Parade was an event for families and children to enjoy. During this event, children and youth were given the opportunity to be creative and decorate/style-up their motorless bicycles, scooters, wagons, etc. Teams competed for best design, creativity, and speed! There were approximately 110 participants who attended this fun outdoors event. Many families felt a social and community engagement which was needed after a long time of closures. Youth and children felt this event encouraged their creativity and all had fun doing it! Thank you to the organizers, volunteers, and support to help make this event come to life!



Moving To Wellness:


If you enjoy dancing, meditation, and mindful movement, this event was right for you! Moving To Wellness organizers developed program sessions that combined Nia dance movement and meditation for a unique hybrid experience designed to enhance the mental wellbeing of Georgina residents. They committed to deliver 17 in-person sessions, reaching 201 participants across 7 Georgina locations (Pefferlaw, Egypt, Sutton, Jackson’s Point, Willow Beach, Crescent Beach, Keswick). Most of the participants felt this event supported their mental health and made them feel socially connected. All participants had fun! Thank you to the organizers, volunteers, and sponsors for hosting this amazing event.



Keswick Christian Church Community Garden:

KCC provided participants with the opportunity to have their own garden space. The purpose of this event was to focus on helping individuals and families learn how to plant fruits and vegetables and to provide a relaxing activity that has a sense of community belongingness. Local farmers attended scheduled events hosting workshops to educate participants on gardening tips and how to live a healthier lifestyle. A BBQ, celebrating the summer harvest where participants connected, engaged, and enjoy their fruits of labour. There were approximately 68 participants that attended this event, and all finished the event with gardening knowledge and a lot of food! Thank you to the organizers, volunteers, and sponsors for making this event one to remember.



Community Movement:

Community Movements is a resident led event focused on providing youth, children, and families the education on how to plant a garden and live a healthier natural lifestyle. During this event participants had the opportunity to learn how to plant their own food while staying active outdoors with activities, crafts, and games for all to enjoy. Speakers attended scheduled events to share their knowledge and educate participants on gardening tips and healthy eating. There were approximately 57 participants who attended this event. All felt this event connected them with others in the community as well as educated them about agriculture and gardening. Thank you to the organizers and volunteers for hosting an incredible event.



Dirty Birdz Car Show:


The Dirty Birdz hosted their annual car show at Hidden Stone Farm! Approximately 500 people attended this event and 155 local car owners participated showing off their cool and classic cars. This event raised over $2500 from the silent auction and 50/50 draw. All proceed were donated to the Georgina Food Pantry to continue their great service and feed the community. The Georgina Fire Department attended collecting non-perishable food items to also donate to the Georgina Food Pantry.  They have filled an entire trailer full of food to donate! A huge thank you to all the participants, organizers, volunteers, and organizations for making this event so special.



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