Georgina might be small, but it has more artists per square foot than Toronto! This website is the space for all creative people of Georgina. We will feature your paintings, sculptures, crafty items, music, events and more. Watch this space!


Steeve and I were invited to participate in an amazing event, Art Connects! Steeve talked about flowers in music, and I showed images of flowers depicted by famous artist throughout the ages. Did you know that ancient Egyptians were probably the first to depict flowers in art? These were lotus flowers, one of the first plants to come to existence, according to mythology. We might repeat this presentation at one point, so keep an eye on our website and social media for information.

Look at the pictures! Amazing creativity! Thank you, June Scandiffio, for organizing this event and inviting us! Thank you, all the volunteers: Lisa Chianelli, Sabrina Chianelli, Jackie Diasio, Mary Green, Anna Jasniewska, Judi Kroes, Elizabeth MacLean, Michael Scandiffio, Oksana Stroganov, and Karen Watson.

Special thank you to Carolyn Grossi and Anthony DiGiovanni of Routes Georgina for their assistance in applying for the grant.

Ewa Chwojko

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